Corporate courses

These programs are aimed at encouraging people to discover their potential and to create a better world through challenging experiences in unfamiliar situations.


Our development programs are unique, based on methods of experiential learning in nature, in which participants are presented with interesting projects and adventurous challenges.

For new teams, we accelerate the introductory phase and the formation of group dynamics. The existing teams improve their efficiency and develop communication and management skills. We connect different teams and this gives them the opportunity to recognise the qualities of individual members, to agree upon roles, responsibilities and actions.

Whether they are discovering the underwater beauty during a dive, hiking through the Papuk Nature Park, or sleeping under the stars on the Velebit Mountain, licensed instructors are there to provide safety at all times.


  • Character development

    Detection and understanding of personal qualities and abilities

  • Improving communication skills

    Learning how to listen, transfer own ideas and acquire teamwork skills

  • Leadership development

    Learning to take initiative

  • Organisational skills

    Coping with unpredictable situations

  • Raising awareness of social and environmental responsibility

    Responsibility towards people, society and nature

  • Boosting creativity

    and innovation

  • Respecting oneself

    and others

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Emerging teams, existing teams or employees – how they cope with new situations, away from familiar surroundings.

Regardless of whether it has to do with checking potential employees or selecting candidates for top management, these programs often provide surprising results.


Hiking in nature

Navigation with a compass and map

Rock climbing and descending


Bivouac – overnight stay in nature


Polygon with high and low ropes

  • “I would recommend this experience because it changes your personality to a better person and realized, I can do more than I think I can, that there is more in us them we think. I will take home and use in my future in my daily life to make commitments for the people I care about.”

    German International School student

  • “It gave just the right amount challenge for us and made it possible for us to learn as much as possible. Wonderful and unforgettable memories. The course was the most challenging experience of my whole life and it was amazing.”

    American International School student

  • “This program I highly recommend for its ability to teach you how to overcome fear and move your limits, and at the same time makes you feel safe in seemingly dangerous situations. This is new and interesting experience, totally different from my everyday life, exciting and fun.”

    Croatian student


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